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IZUMI's Sea Spray -1

€22,50 €75,00

Izumi's ceramics combine contemporary design, diversion of everyday objects and a poetic spirit. In his graphic universe, are felt, omnipresent, his Japanese influences which give his line an aesthetic and so particular emotion.

Izumi is a graphic designer, printmaker and ceramic artist born in 1975. She began her studies and forged her creativity at L’ESAA Duperré and then at Estienne, prestigious Applied Arts Schools. In 1998, she obtained the Higher Diploma of Arts and Communication Techniques. Simultaneously carrying out an activity in France and Japan as an independent graphic designer, engraver artist and ceramist, she also shares her knowledge and experience as an artistic education teacher since 1998. Izumi exhibits regularly and she lives her passion as a vast field of plastic and formal exploration.

Dimension 15cm

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