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Kyo Rousoku 20min Meditation and relaxing candles Haze

About Japanese Candles
The flame of Japanese candle is a warm orange color that gently reflects in the eye. It is said to have healing and comforting effects due to the flickering flame.

100% plant-based raw materials
This item can be disposed of as food scraps, so it is actually a perfect item for outdoor use.
The candle is low in soot and has a low melting point, and wax that sticks to the table can be easily wiped off as it melts in hot water, making it easy to use in the home.

100% plant-derived Japanese candle "Time candle" for daily life, peace of mind, and spiritual healing

The candle body is made of haze wax, the raw material of traditional Japanese candles, so you can enjoy the warm orange flame.
Drinking tea while watching the flickering flame or reading a book by the light will help you switch from on-time to off-time.
Enjoy your home time with the warm flickering flame and a moment of healing.

Set Contents
10 haze wax lamps

Length to wick: approx. 5.5 cm (length may vary due to handmade)
Diameter: approx. 0.8 cm

Haze wax body: Wood wax
Wick: Japanese paper, Japanese paper

Burning time
Approx. 20 min.

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