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Nankei Poetry - Coffee Server Dripper set BLACK


Coffee 3set of Server, Dripper and a stand

It’s a simple coffee server that makes the best use of the texture of the soile.

Perfect brewing size for 1 or 2 people.

Shiroren is a reproduction of “White mud” which was popular as teapot soil in the Taisho era, with an original composition.

The inner surface is also flat so it will drip relatively slowly.

Black kneading contains a lot of iron and is a soil that has been used for teapots for a long time. It is backed in a way that makes the iron black without glaze. The more you use the more the express will change little by little and the richer the color will be.

Since each piece is made by hand, there are individual difference in the surface of the potter’s wheel and the shape of the spout.


Size 300ml Microwave safe no Dish washer

Dripper : 100x100x75mm

Coffee server : 105x100x130mm 

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